Academic Work

Academic Work, our core recruitment and staffing company brand for developing young professionals, is one of the leading job placement companies in Sweden, with operations in six countries.

The company was founded in 1998 by three Swedish students and good friends, who began connecting their classmates with companies looking for staff. Smart, flexible and talented, the students proved to be welcome additions to many companies. Today, we’ve helped more than 160,000 young professionals find a job and start their careers, while also fulfilling our clients' recruitment needs and helping them to grow.

Our vision is to become the number one career partner for young professionals.
Magnus WikströmCEO, Academic Work

Young professionals

Academic Work’s ambition is to be the number one career partner for young professionals. For us, the term “young professionals” includes two groups: students at university, college and other forms of higher education as well as graduates who are working professionals in the beginning of their careers. To be an invaluable career partner for these candidates and consultants, we work hard to understand their preferences, needs and take a structured, personal approach.

From client relationships to business partnerships

For companies, we offer a single point of contact in the form of a customized client team with deep knowledge of industry trends, domain expertise, talent sourcing, staffing, and recruiting. We always strive to develop client relationships into business partnerships, meaning that we are personal, transparent and client-centric in everything we do. Like other companies within the Akind family, we apply next-generation technology in the form of job apps, cloud-based workflow overviews and other innovations making the world of work better, smarter, more fun.

Areas of expertise

  • Part-time staffing
  • Full-time staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Temp to permanent
  • Organizational evaluations
  • People plan
  • Employer branding
  • Organizational training
  • Skills development
  • Recruitment tools

Our markets

Academic Work is present in six countries.

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland

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